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HP and Dell and the various makes of PC's can assemble and offer some conventional desktops, yet what you typically get from these fabricates are low quality parts that are ineffectively tested and don't have a significant life span. A custom fabricated PC from Affinity will last longer, have better quality parts and will be built to precisely what you need, not what HP and Dell or any other manufacturer needs you to have. When you buy a custom assembled PC from Affinity Computers, we take a seat with you and go over all speciations so you comprehend what you are getting precisely. When you purchase a custom built computer from us, you will have the opportunity to upgrade in the future as opposed to being forced to stick with the named-brand manufactures limited upgradability. Overhauling your memory, video card, sound card or mother board up is at some point extremely troublesome if at all conceivable with name-brand desktops. Large portions of the parts utilized as a part of those PCs are exclusive, meaning you need to contact the Dell or HP to get the new part when and on the off chance that you do get the part, they are generally extremely costly. You choose what software and what operating system you want, if you want Windows 7 or Windows 10, it’s your decision. No bloat ware, we do not install anything that you do not want. Our basic install include only free antivirus, If you do have software you need installed just bring in the disks we will install it for your for free. You can look over an extremely control full gaming machine or only a fair PC to surf your around the web, checking your email or just watching YOUTUBE. However you decide be assured that we will only build you what you want or need, and best of all we will cover all of your warranties and service if ever needed. Locally Owned and Operated in Peachtree City and Fayetteville Ga , Affinity Computers will treat you like a companion, no automated menus, no hidden fees, just good Craftsmanship and Customer Service. So before you run out and buy a pre-made PC stop by or call us to see what we can accomplish for you first. 770.486.2070