Affinity Care

Affinity Care IT Management For Business Executives Who Want To Get IT Off Their Shoulders Completely

If you don’t have an IT department, Affinity IT can become your IT department through Affinity Care IT Management.

A company full of experts is super efficient and cost effective

If any part of your IT system hits a bump, we’ll smooth it out, usually before you even notice. If you’re concerned about hackers (who isn’t?), our built-in security and compliance processes are second to none. If someone on your team has a problem with IT, our Help Desk team fixes it right away — 95% of calls are answered by a human in under 60 seconds and more than 80% of problems are resolved during the first call. If your leadership wants advice on how to leverage IT for business growth, you have a dedicated client service representative and a company full of subject matter experts proactively looking out for your best business interests.

And if you want to review every last detail of your network log — welcome to our world! We’re completely transparent and accountable. We report on everything and provide summaries, too.

Getting started with Affinity IT

When you don’t have the time to deal with IT, it’s time to call Affinity IT. We’ve been partnering with companies to expertly manage their entire IT system since 2005 — it’s why we went into business, why we were one of the first companies to pioneer remote IT management over the Internet, and why we enjoy a 95% retention rate. We believe wholeheartedly in a culture of service, the concept of IT optimization and the philosophy that IT should empower your business instead of get in the way. Plus we’re super-friendly and fun — the last thing you need is technical jargon and attitude!

To find out if Affinity IT might be a good match for your company, please us the contact form below

If you have an in-house IT department, you can use our Managed IT services to solve specific challenges and support your IT team.